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Sophie MacDonald

The Dream E-Commerce Infrastructure For Restaurants

Free Part I Guide Downloads:  PDF Article > PDF Dream E-Commerce Infrastructure Diagram > This blog is part one of…

Sophie MacDonald
Sophie MacDonald

5 killer strategies to increase loyalty in the New Year, using data you collected over the Christmas period

As the busiest period of the year passes, it’s time to cash in on the data generated from bookings, orders,…

Sophie MacDonald
Sophie MacDonald

5 Effective Ways to Maximise Revenue this Festive Season

The Careful Balance Between Human Experience and Digital Opportunities It’s true, the heart of the hospitality industry lies within the…

Sophie MacDonald
Sophie MacDonald

The mysteries behind hospitality brand loyalty

Hospitality businesses hoping to succeed in the future must comprehend how to approach loyalty. A brand’s loyalty programme should be…

Sophie MacDonald

Digitising The Hospitality Experience

Hospitality is fundamentally a human experience but, when executed well, good technology should enhance people’s experience in your restaurant or…

Naomi Davies

E-Commerce for hospitality is here to stay

E-commerce has undoubtedly become a significant ongoing part of hospitality businesses’ revenue streams and a comprehensive e-commerce strategy is essential.…


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