Collection & Delivery

Embrace On-Demand

With Fuse Online Ordering, it’s entirely achievable to allow customers to pre-order directly for Collection on your website. This can drive everyday lunch or dinner orders, and catering orders. A great way to receive pre-orders and minimise 3rd party high commission rates.

Collection sits on your website and is tailored to the ordering process and menu selection you want.


Low Commission Fees

Fuse’s commission rates are far lower than any third-party platform. If you’re making the food, you should get the lion’s share.

Full Operational Control

Control service times and availability. Stock management – set limits on inventory and products.

Integration for Deliveries

We work with various delivery partners who can facilitate your fleet recruitment and management whilst tracking deliveries.

Dynamic Product Upsell

Fuse gives you full control over menu items you want to upsell as the customer process their online orders.

Create Promo Codes

Fuse allows you to create promo codes and set the parameters. This is a great way to drive sales digitally and track the redemption rate and stats around the codes.

Branded Ordering Process

At every step of the ordering process, your customers use a platform that has your brand integrated. No third-party logos, colour palettes or tone of voice. It’s all yours and it should look and sound like you.

Customer Data Capture

Every order that’s placed contains rich customer preference data. That data should be fed into your CRM and segmented. Fuse is a great tool to drive personalised loyalty moving forwards.

Seamless Integration

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Fuse integrates seamlessly with the rest of your tech stack.

How it works
  • "Fuse has been a brilliant addition - it allows us to sell fresh pasta, meal kits, hampers - everything from our deli - direct to customers.

    It looks great too. I'm delighted to have another strand to the business."

    Angela Hartnett, Chef & Founder

  • "Fuse was a really easy set-up and works really well for us to drive additional revenue to the business."

    With a click of their fingers Fuse set up an online shop for us

    Libby Andrews, Marketing Director


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