A Match Made in Digital Heaven: Why Your Restaurant's Mobile Ordering App and ePOS Need to Tango - Fuse by Ignite A Match Made in Digital Heaven: Why Your Restaurant's Mobile Ordering App and ePOS Need to Tango - Fuse by Ignite
  • A Match Made in Digital Heaven: Why Your Restaurant’s Mobile Ordering App and ePOS Need to Tango

Sophie MacDonald
Sophie MacDonald

The opportunity

In this digital era, where our smartphones are practically an extension of ourselves, mobile app ordering is becoming ever more popular. By teaming up your mobile ordering app with your electronic point of sale (ePOS) provider, you can take your restaurant to a whole new level. Get ready to boost your operational mojo and tap into some seriously valuable data insights, all while keeping customer service intact.

Does your ePOS integrate with Fuse mobile ordering?

Fuse integrates with various ePOS providers. If Fuse does not currently have a ready integration setup with your ePOS provider, we simply set one up. Our CTO will liaise directly with your ePOS provider and plan out what the integration needs to be, how long it will take and if there is a cost involved. ePOS providers are realising that they need to adapt and be more flexible to suit the growing demands of restaurants. The Fuse team has over 20 years experience developing integrations. Don’t let the complexities of integrations put you off exploring mobile ordering, we have the expertise to guide you through it.

Operational efficiency

Order Management Made Effortless:

Integrating your mobile ordering app with your ePOS system is like having a personal assistant who never forgets a thing. Orders placed through the app automatically sync up with your ePOS, eliminating the need for manual entry. This dynamic duo streamlines your order management, reduces errors, and frees up your team to focus on what they do best—giving great customer service.

Conquer Inventory Woes:

Inventory management can be a real headache. But fear not. When your mobile ordering app speaks to your ePOS, magic happens. The integration gives you real-time control of menu items as dish availability may fluctuate. As orders flow in through the app, your ePOS system keeps track of stock levels. You’ll have the power to optimize your inventory like a pro and keep your customers satisfied, bite after delicious bite.

The Virtual Server You All Need Between 3-7pm:

In May 2023 Fuse processed the most orders between 3-7pm. This is a difficult time to have heavy staffing levels so why not let mobile ordering take precedence? Increase the number of orders coming in, increase the ATV and manage staffing levels effectively. Let orders fly direct into the kitchen without relying on staff who will be busy setting up for dinner service.

Data capture and insights

Know Your Customers Like BFFs:

Get ready to unlock the secrets of your customers’ dining habits! By integrating mobile app ordering with your ePOS, you gain access to a goldmine of data. Imagine having a crystal ball that reveals their preferences, order history, and patterns. This treasure trove of information allows you to tailor their experience, creating marketing campaigns, personalised offers, and loyalty programs that make them feel like VIPs. It’s about developing a connection with your customers, serving up personalised communications and forging long-lasting relationships.

Become the Data Whisperer:
Lights, camera, analytics! When your mobile app and ePOS data join forces, you become the master of your restaurant’s data. Dive into a world of insights, from average order values and peak ordering hours to popular menu items and customer feedback. This valuable intel helps you make data-driven decisions to fine-tune your operations and elevate your success – mobile ordering vs in-person table ordering. If the analytics show a surge in mobile app orders during certain hours, you can tweak your staffing and keep the good times rolling. It’s like having a personal data assistant that helps you maximise ATV, table turn-around times and staffing level management.


Integrating your restaurant’s mobile app ordering with your ePOS provider is the ultimate opportunity. The seamless collaboration between these two digital warriors brings operational efficiency and data capture benefits to your table.

Contact us to see if we currently have an integration with your ePOS provider.



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