E-Commerce for hospitality is here to stay - Fuse by Ignite E-Commerce for hospitality is here to stay - Fuse by Ignite
  • E-Commerce for hospitality is here to stay

Naomi Davies
Naomi Davies

E-commerce has undoubtedly become a significant ongoing part of hospitality businesses’ revenue streams and a comprehensive e-commerce strategy is essential. Whether you’re selling meal kits, gift vouchers, hampers or cookbooks (or anything in between) the products you sell should be a representation of your brand and will help you reach more people.

Proven marketing tactics and channels should be implemented to drive traffic to your online shop and convert browsers into buyers. An additional major benefit of e-commerce marketing is trackable revenue. Every marketer in hospitality has faced the inevitable challenges from finance on their budget. The perennial question: ‘how do you know that will work?’ With online transactions, that’s no longer the case: spend £1, get £10 back – that’s an argument no one can disagree with.

E-commerce is here to stay.

And of course, your online shop needs to be on point. A well-designed e-shop that is optimised for conversions and part of your own branded digital ecosystem will set you up for success. Fuse’s e-commerce platform for hospitality enables you to easily sell everything for your restaurant, bar or pub through a single platform on your own website. Whether it’s click and collect, at-home meal kits or gift vouchers, Fuse puts everything under one roof.

Upgrade to Fuse and supercharge your online sales.


Upgrade to Fuse & supercharge your digital sales